We Have Been Sent


We are sent from the cross, to preach salvation to the lost,

Sent by Christ to proclaim, Truth in the power of His Name,

Powered by God’s Holy Spirit, to everyone who will hear it,

To be witnesses for our Lord, speaking truth in one accord.

We are all believers in Him, who died on a cross for our sin,

For as He died we gain life, through the Savior Jesus Christ.

Saved by the Savior’s blood, from Calvary’s refining flood,

A flood reaching every nation, with God’s Eternal Salvation.

News, we can be Born Again, must be preached to all men,

Christ’s Truth, about New Birth, must be told to all the earth.

News of the Gospel friend, must be preached until the end,

The end of this Age of Grace, until He reaches every place.

This is a gift from our Creator, provided by a loving Savior,

Leaving His Glorious Throne, to claim a people of His own.

He is preparing a home for us, who in Him, place their trust,

Giving all who faithfully serve, a place they do not deserve.

Until then we must faithfully, witness for the Lord of eternity,

As the witness of our life, shows we belong to Jesus Christ.

This to draw more men to Him, As Christ died for all our sin,

So, they can believe and be, together with Christ in Eternity.

(Copyright ©11/2007)

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