Blessings Flow

Blessings will begin to flow, when Christ Jesus, you come to know,

And blessings that will never end, as He becomes an eternal friend.

He is a friend unlike any other, who in the Spirit becomes a brother,

Your brother, but your Savior too, who brings together me and you.

Christ who died to become our Savior, is also God and our Creator,

He gives blessings we never knew, as He created both me and you.

Created by God for His pleasure, but we both become His treasure,

As He blesses His chosen Family, found in Christ for all of eternity.

All the blessings we get from Christ, cost The Father a terrible price,

As His Only Son died upon a tree, to bring salvation to you and me.

For what for God, could be worse, than to see His Son, die a curse,

When God’s sinless Son of Eternity, became sin for us on Calvary?

This purchased life for everyone, who truly accepts God’s only Son,

And the only way we cannot win, is rejecting Christ who died for sin.

He died on Calvary in our stead, and then rose again from the dead,

To take His seat upon His Throne, in Heaven, to watch His very own.

Bestowing blessings, day after day, on all who walk His narrow way,

All those living in the Light of Him, who died to save us from our sin.

While the blessings seem to multiply, not knowing really how or why,

Only knowing our Savior Christ, came to bless all men with New Life.

(Copyright ©09/2007)

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