Against The Goads

As we travel down life’s roads, at times we kick against the goads,

Changing that path that we take, for us a choice, make no mistake.

As we’re given clear direction from, our Lord God, through His Son,

Who through His Light from above, guides us with Grace and Love.

Not only does He lead in Truth, He sends The Spirit for our reproof,

To convict a heart, should it stray, to keep us on God’s narrow way.

A written guide, sure and just, for all, who in Christ place their trust,

Penned much by Apostle Paul, so that as believers, we will not fall.

As we face temptation in this life, we should focus on Jesus Christ,

For when upon this earth He too, faced temptation like me and you.

Christ was tempted, yet did not sin, so you and I could turn to Him,

A trusted Savior, pure and strong, to guide us far away from wrong.

With His Spirit within our heart, Christ guides us so we don’t depart,

Either to the left or to the right, so we don’t end in the dark of night.

As in the Garden, alone with Eve, that devil only desires to deceive,

To sway you off that Garden path, to become prey to his evil wrath.

Satan’s been busy for some time, to deceive every heart and mind,

Even when, in Christ, you do believe, you, he still wants to deceive.

And with his time so very short, Satan makes you his wicked sport,

As the devil tempts you in this life, to walk away from Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©09/2007)

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