Behold His Glory

Behold the Glory of The Lord; let not His presence go ignored,

And you will have the peace of Christ, as you live this busy life.

Let not your many busy days, hinder your God honoring praise,

Praise well deserving to the One, who gave to us His Only Son.

For only God is deserving of, endless praise to show our love,

As the more we behold of Him, the more He changes us within.

Changes within us to display, His character throughout our day,

Reflecting in our life His Son, as a witness for Him to everyone,

When God we continue to behold, blessings continue to unfold,

Filling us with peace by Grace, to guide us daily place to place.

Reflecting on just who God is, impacts the way a believer lives,

Knowing what He wants from us, when in God, we put our trust.

God wants a life devoted to, His Son, who died for me and you,

And all we need to live this life, is faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

Even through one’s frenzied life, seeing sorrow and some strife,

He will help us more than cope, as we behold the Blessed Hope.

So this day behold The King, the Lord and Master of everything,

Fixing your eyes upon The Lamb, who is for us the Great “I AM”.

Let Christ overwhelm our ways, as He sees us through our days,

Then that presence of The Lord, by others, shall not go ignored.

(Copyright ©01/2008)

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