A Lasting Peace

The End Times

True lasting peace God shall birth, on this present troubled earth,

His lasting peace soon will come, through Jesus for a millennium.

Peace will flourish all around; when for a time Satan will be bound,

For a time of one thousand years, He’ll put away all present fears.

It will be a time for all men to see, God’s Glorious King of Eternity,

Reigning per His Father’s will, and from Jerusalem, God’s Holy Hill.

True peace installed shore to shore, by our Savior, Christ The Lord,

Peace in every land and nation, by God’s redemption and salvation.

This peace ushered in by Christ, will indeed affect every single life.

For God’s Righteous Law will be, enforced as His universal decree.

All who oppose the Law of God, will see firsthand Christ’s Iron Rod,

For the rebellious heart of man, in Christ’s Kingdom shall not stand.

All men will be under Christ’s Rule, a Righteous reign far from cruel,

Under Christ’s Millennial Reign, gone shall be man’s terror and pain.

Every nation will have a place, in the kingdom through God’s Grace,

Even Israel’s unrighteous enemies, will have a place in God’s peace.

God’s Millennial Reign of Righteousness, shall usher in eternal bliss,

As Satan bound, will now be cast, into the fire that will eternally last.

Gone shall be death and sin, with only righteousness reigning within,

Each and every soul forevermore, eternally serving Christ their Lord.

(Copyright ©08/2007)

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