Eyes and Ears

They have the ears to listen, but have not a heart to hear,

The many words of wisdom, that comes from Godly fear.

They have the eyes to see, but they just cannot perceive,

That from the God of eternity, His Son they must receive.

God above gets no thought, as they live their earthly life,

And His will is never sought, so they don’t look to Christ.

Mindful not, of God’s Love, made available to everyone,

Through the Savior up above, Jesus Christ His only Son.

Christ the Truth and the Light, sent down for all mankind,

Sent to give all new sight, to renew both heart and mind,

As the hope and life of men, for a world quite depraved,

Not sent down to condemn, but that men may be saved.

And saved unto Eternal Life, granted by a loving Creator,

Set free from eternal strife, through our Lord and Savior.

To convict all, with The Word, Christ sent His Holy Spirit,

To open up a hardened heart, of those who would hear it.

Now saved by God’s Grace, then given new eyes to see,

With their heart they embrace, Christ The Lord of Eternity.

To become a living sacrifice, and give all their life to Him,

Who paid God’s eternal price, saving us from a life of sin.

(Copyright ©07/2007)

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