Are We Doing Our Best?

Probing Questions

Do we really do our part, to reach every spiritually needy heart,

With the Gospel of Jesus Christ, leading them to seek new life?

The New Life found only in Him, The Savior who died for all sin,

Leading friends and sinners lost, to our Blessed Savior’s cross?

Do we witness with our best, to keep an ignorant world abreast,

Of many things foretold by God, all across this land they trod?

The things foretold in His Word, that many today haven’t heard,

Of those things yet to come, to be fulfilled through God’s Son?

Are we being the faithful herald, to the outer parts of this world,

Preaching unto every nation, valid Truth from God’s Revelation?

With the sole purpose to fulfill, Christ’s commission per His will,

Helping men everywhere to see, God’s Truth extends to eternity.

Is God’s Church doing all it can, to truly reach the heart of men,

Men of every tongue and nation, with Good News of Salvation?

Are we prepared any time of day, with the proper words to say,

To all peoples lost in their sin, about the Hope, we have within?

Do we truly live our present life, totally devoted to Jesus Christ,

Who gave His life upon a tree, to grant new life to you and me?

This New Life in Christ has no end, as it is life eternal my friend,

And a life of service eternally, is what is ahead for you and me.

(Copyright ©08/2007)

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