It Stands To Reason

It stands in today’s life to reason, that some men simply have none,

And during this present season, some have affected my loving son.

As he watches men around him, and how they live out life each day,

Embracing this darkened world of sin, as they walk the broader way.

Sound reasoning and judgment, are certainly missing from their life,

Not following The Spirit God sent, through our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Their thinking can affect any heart, as they walk in the dark of night,

With the twisted reason they impart, to those brought up in the light.

Common sense eludes them friend, as these men live their daily life,

Creating only confusion in the end, while adding to a world of strife.

With their life confusing at best, they always question how and why?

But with their heart seldom at rest, they never seek our Lord on high.

What these men need from my son, is a strong witness from his life,

That will show each and everyone, he knows the Savior Jesus Christ.

Daily displaying his Savior’s Light, when everything around is wrong,

Always doing what is just and right, to show a faith, sure and strong.

Together we could impact those, who have not wisdom from above,

Granted from The One who rose, saving us through His perfect love.

Together we could help the others, as they see the real change in us,

Come to Christ, to be our brothers, as in Christ they place their trust.

(Copyright ©08/2007)

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