Can God Use You?

Probing Questions

Friend, are you filled with a zeal, which from The Lord is truly real?

From God’s Spirit up above, which fills your witness with His love.

Do you stand firm on The Truth, when facing reproach or reproof?

To let men see your power within, is not your own but is from Him.

Does God’s Word fill your days, with an unending joy and praise?

That allows others to see in you, it’s His Word seeing you through.

Does the praise flow from a heart, which God truly has every part?

To order all steps of your life, for praise and glory of Jesus Christ.

Can God use you this very day, to lead others to life’s narrow way?

To Christ’s glorious eternal path, one far from God’s pending wrath.

Are you ready to join God’s fight, against the darkness of the night?

Using not your power and might, but dispelling it with Christ’s Light.

Will you this day, be on the side, of The Risen Lord, now Glorified?

Who fills you with heavenly power, even in the battle’s darkest hour.

Will you today not stand with Him, who alone died for all of our sin?

Giving all believers eternal victory; assuring each one a life eternally.

Friend, today can you truly afford, a life not serving our Risen Lord?

Who sits beside the Father’s throne, actively interceding for His own.

Dear friend, I ask, how can you lose, if today The Lord you choose?

As the primary focus of your life; this to win all men to Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©07/2007)

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