Oh, That More Would Know


Oh, that more would know, The Lord above, who loves them so,

Who gave His life, upon a cross, to save men from eternal loss.

That they too, would understand, Christ reigns above every land,

And though He reigns in power above, He truly is a God of love.

For in this present Age of Grace, He’s waiting for all to embrace,

From every tribe and every nation, the message of His Salvation.

Knowing judgment was to come, God sent to earth His Only Son,

So they’d not be judged by Him, but saved by Christ from all sin,

God’s plan for all my friend, was a life with God that had no end,

For it was the sin, not the man, that hindered God’s original plan.

Though God must judge all sin, He desires man, to live with Him,

Side by side with Christ eternally, is where He desires man to be.

This my friend is eternal life, which we gain through Jesus Christ,

Who came to redeem all men, so that they could be Born Again.

Born of The Spirit not the flesh, so that men can start life afresh,

The new life we start on earth, is through the Spirit and New Birth.

He’s The Spirit who helps us see, God’s Truth concerning Eternity,

Once we believe He won’t depart, taking up residence in our heart.

Helping us walk daily with Him, Christ, who saved us from our sin,

Learning to help others to know, life in Christ’s the only way to go.

(Copyright ©07/2007)

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