A Battle Within

The Word of God

Being nibbled on by The Spirit, through God’s Word, as you hear it,

Chipping away at the great divide, which has been built deep inside.

Removing the veil upon the heart, which hinders Truth Christ departs,

The only truth that sets men free, from the lies that bind you and me.

The Lord will not force your hand, to make you come to understand,

Those deeper truths in His Word, from the preaching you have heard.

The Lord shall use The Holy Spirit to, unveil your heart inside of you,

The heart that’s hardened by a life, that opposes God’s Will in Christ.

This opposition creates a war inside, a battle which cannot be denied,

A battle of one’s will and mind, where God’s Truth becomes maligned,

As you are stalked by the enemy, to blind your eyes so you can’t see,

The many pages of Scriptural proof, of God’s liberating Eternal Truth.

Now captive to Satan’s wicked plan, deceiving the heart of every man,

He’s at work to deceive man’s heart, so from the Truth they will depart.

But The Holy Spirit works patiently, helping your heart and mind to see,

That only God’s Truth sets you free, from Satan’s evil, twisted travesty.

We have not the spirit of this world, when his deception at us is hurled,

Instead we have the Spirit of Jesus Christ, if indeed, we have New Life.

As Believers we must turn from sin, while filling our heart with only Him,

Paying no mind to Satan’s reproof, as Christ leads us with God’s Truth.

(Copyright ©06/2007)

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