What A Gift

What a Christmas present for us, all who in Christ have their trust,

What a gift for both you and me, to be transported up to eternity,

When in the twinkling of an eye, we shall be lifted up into the sky,

Up in the clouds, to see our Lord, to see the Gift we long adored.

Far from the gift under the tree, wrapped for passing eyes to see,

It is that One Gift provided by, The Lord God, who reigns on high,

And it was He, who paid the cost, when we were all spiritually lost,

That Gift too, was His sacrifice, paying for sinners, sin’s full price.

All we had to do was to accept, His Gift, that cancels all our debt,

When we simply accept by faith, His Gift available to all by Grace,

For sin’s price, we couldn’t pay, so God, provided for man a way,

Through The Gift of His Son, which today is available to everyone.

Sin’s debt we all have incurred, by living opposed to God’s Word,

While living out this life in sin, as God’s enemy, indifferent to Him,

Separated from The Lord above, yet, He was moved by His Love,

To send all men God’s Gift of Life, through His Son, Jesus Christ.

He is The Gift that we long for, to be in His presence forevermore,

The tree with tinsel we won’t miss, when we enter into eternal bliss,

As we’re snatched into the clouds, to meet Christ, in Holy Crowds,

To see our Savior face to face, God’s only Gift wrapped in Grace.

(Copyright ©11/2009)

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