Words of Comfort


In my mind thoughts will flow, from The Truth I have come to know,

To words of light and encouragement, to the places I’ve been sent.

A comfort to all who do believe, and a light to all who are deceived,

God’s encouragement to a brother, while words of Truth to another.

Comforting words that I can say, to brighten a brother’s dismal day,

Words filled with hope and love, that point to our Savior, up above.

Words of Truth that only come, through The Spirit from God’s Son,

Who comes to dwell in our heart, from where words He does impart.

This to bring the lost to The Truth, through loving words not reproof,

So through our words men can see, The Loving Father of all Eternity,

Who came to die, to give us life, through His Only Son, Jesus Christ.

Who now lives, so that all men, through The Son can be Born Again.

Then receive The Spirit spoken of, when they accept His Son’s Love.

To be used upon this temporal earth, through the power of New Birth,

And the washing and regeneration, through His Blood unto Salvation.

Which only comes from God’s Son, the Lord and Savior of everyone.

You too will share the Living Word, speaking Truth until all have heard,

The saving Truth of God’s Salvation, Christ who came for every nation.

And then you will be a comfort too, to all who believe like me and you,

Speaking words of comfort friend, about life in Christ that has on end.

(Copyright ©06/2007)

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