Pearls of Wisdom

The Word of God

Pearls of wisdom as never before, from the mouth of Christ our Lord,

Speaking words with authority, that come from the Throne of Eternity.

A wisdom which exceeded Solomon, whose heart was divided by sin,

Christ, with a heart perfectly pure, spoke words that will surely endure.

Pearls of wisdom, pure and divine, words spoken, for men of all time,

Directed to every tribe and nation; words of our Lord God’s Salvation.

Salvation sent from God above, through His Son, to show us His love,

Love that exceeded wisdom of earth, and received through a new birth.

Pearls of wisdom not well embraced, by many whom Christ had faced,

Although in God these men believed, Christ by them was not received.

Much of His wisdom is contrary to, that human reason of me and you,

But Christ’s Wisdom is greater than, all of that wisdom of worldly men.

Pearls of wisdom to all will come, to those who truly know God’s Son,

And dare to give their life to Him, Christ, who saves men from their sin.

Sin which blinds the minds and ways, of the many world leaders today,

And in their wisdom they cannot see, God’s timeless Truths of Eternity.

Pearls of wisdom God offers to men, when in Christ we’re Born Again,

And the pearls, spoken by Christ, become to us, the foundation of life.

As believers live to honor The Son, bringing Light of Truth to everyone,

Leading men to an Eternal Kingdom, using Truth and pearls of wisdom.

(Copyright ©06/2007)

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