The Word of God

Tomorrow is promised to no one, nobody under the present sun,

As surely as one lives today, from this earth they will pass away.

All men born through natural birth, return to the dust of the earth,

Where Adam was raised by God, and given a life on earth’s sod.

Raised by God in a perfect state, and then given a perfect mate,

This before Satan entered in, and death ensued from a life of sin.

But eternity is promised to those, who believe in Christ who rose,

Christ overcame death in victory, gaining for all men life eternally.

Death for man’s now a certainty, for everyone en route to eternity,

As sin corrupted God’s original plan, for eternal life for every man.

With eternal separation ensured, for all those who reject The Lord,

The Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who came to offer Eternal Life.

God extends eternal life to everyone, through salvation in His Son,

To all of those who truly believe, Christ reveals to them a mystery,

That those alive, may not die, but be raptured to the Savior’s side,

When all who embraced new birth, are taken in the raptured Church.

Tomorrow is still not promised to, raptured saints like me and you,

As Christ could come at any day, to take His Beloved Bride away.

Either way, believers wait in hope, as natural man can hardly cope,

Not knowing what their end will be, when they die and face eternity.

(Copyright ©06/2007)

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