Prepare To Witness


To the lost souls in the night, that I could be a bold searchlight,

Not to go unnoticed or ignored, as I shine brightly for my Lord;

Out of the darkness, in this life, men need to find Jesus Christ,

Like a ship in a stormy bay, that we can help them find the way.

Many of the lost haven’t heard, the Saving Truth in God’s Word,

And as times truly darken, the Truth of God they need to harken,

A witness for The Lord they need, so God’s Truth they can heed,

So many need our witness bright, to guide them out of the night.

We must always bear in mind, we too once we’re spiritually blind,

And for Christ, we must be wise, for only He can open their eyes,

We are to be ready in any season, to give them Truth and reason,

Why we believe what we do, so they can come to The Savior too.

Our Lord’s Truth we must share; God will show us how and where,

For as we live this life for God, Jesus leads us with staff and rod,

And He will create that opportunity, to share, through you and me,

As God’s Spirit opens up their heart, Saving Truths we can impart.

The battle belongs to God alone, and He directs, from His Throne,

In this world in need of His Grace, as He moves us place to place,

To share a Hope, only He can give, in this world, we presently live,

A Hope that leads to Eternal Life, when they come to Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©08/2010)

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