Calm And Still

I need to remain calm and still, and to wait upon The Father’s will,

For uncomfortable as it may be, it is The Lord who is guiding me.

I need to pause and lift to Him, Christ who saved me from my sin,

The hurt and pain along the way, so God can calm my heart today.

For there is so much in this life, that brings on us such daily strife,

Things that are not in my control; so I go to the Savior of my soul,

Christ, who in the Heavens saves, commands the wind and waves,

And just as He calmed that sea, He calms the heart of you and me.

I simply trust in The Living God, Who guides me with staff and rod,

As He leads me by the waters still, calming me while I’m in His will.

Calm may not be the atmosphere; however my Lord is always near,

Reminding me both day and night, that I am always in God’s sight.

While in the security of His palm, He gives my heart a steady calm,

Held in my Loving Savior’s hand, I’m safe from life’s shifting sand.

When trouble seems to rear its head, I focus upon my Lord instead,

Jesus, who stills my stirring heart, with a peace that shall not depart.

God’s Truth is what comforts me; a Truth which we don’t always see,

Today on this troubled earthly sod, that truly lacks the peace of God.

However, anytime at anyplace, you can receive God’s calming Grace,

Adding a calming stillness to your life, through His Son Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©05/2007)

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