Beyond Vanity

The Word of God

Everything is truly done in vain, unless you live your life for God,

For there is nothing that will remain, on this present earth we trod.

All this world is temporal friend, no matter what path you choose,

And everything will have an end, and earthly gain we all shall lose.

All men are simply like the grass, here today, but soon will perish,

And when all comes to pass, is it Christ Jesus whom you cherish?

That’s one thing that will endure, with benefits well into eternal life,

Where you will live forevermore, while in Eternity with Jesus Christ.

When all on earth’s said and done, there lies ahead a great reward,

For all who come to God’s Son, and live to serve The Living Lord.

The life that Christ came to give, God offers to both, you and me,

And Jesus helps us to daily live, while He prepares us for Eternity.

With our focus now up above, filled with Heaven’s Joys and Bliss,

Moved anew through God’s Love, life now, is not so meaningless.

For Jesus came to give men life, taking us from the dark of night,

Freeing men of meaningless strife, while guiding them in His Light.

All vanities shall simply fade away, from your heart and your mind,

When Christ’s in our heart to stay, giving spiritual sight to the blind.

And now with new eyes you see, a world beyond this temporal sod,

Where we will live for Eternity, with Jesus Christ, our Lord and God.

(Copyright ©04/2007)

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