Beginning A New Walk

God will help you from the start, when you seek Him with your heart,

When you begin a new life with Him; turning from your old life of sin.

The Lord shall help you every day, when you walk life’s narrow way,

This narrow way is Jesus Christ, who comes to all through New Life.

This New Life begins dear friend, when in Christ, we’re Born Again,

Born anew of God’s Spirit above, filling us with His Peace and Love.

Friend, we become a new creation, when we come to His Salvation,

And as we become new creatures, our life takes on Godly features.

Through The Holy Spirit we pursue, a life in Christ that is brand new,

In Christ old things pass away, led by His Spirit, who is here to stay.

For now in Christ, we can abide, through His Spirit, who lives inside,

A temple of The Spirit we become, to Glorify Christ, God’s only Son.

The One who died, so we could live; our life to Christ, we now give,

Jesus Christ is now who we live for, leaving that life we had before.

Now with The Bible as our source, we start upon a new life course,

Following daily, The Word of God; as we live upon this earthly sod.

With Heaven as our destination, we live to lead others to Salvation,

God’s Salvation to Eternal Life, through His only Son, Jesus Christ.

Powered with promises we receive, when in Christ we truly believe,

Led by Christ, we no longer roam, as He shepherds us safely home.

(Copyright ©03/2007)

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