All Who Come


The Lord gives rest to the weary, to all of those who come,

To the deceived and the leery, His Truth comes in The Son.

In gloomy times He gives hope, in The Savior Jesus Christ,

With a power for all to cope, through the weary times of life.

God comes to all who seek, guidance from The Lord above,

Reaching down to the meek, with an uncompromising Love.

God meets you where you stand, at anytime and any place,

Guiding you with a loving hand, in His mercy and His Grace.

God will truly walk with you; being always present in this life,

As He helps you safely through, in times of trial and of strife.

Should you bump into despair, at any point within your day,

God will take you in His care, to comfort you along the way.

And when things do go wrong, God fills you with His peace,

Through a day dark and long, with a love that will not cease.

God will guide you in His light, safely through the day’s end,

Then He gives you rest at night, as a Shepherd and a friend.

Indeed a friend to all who come, from wherever they may be,

To the cross of God’s own Son, The Shepherd of all Eternity,

So come to Him all of the lost, to the Shepherd Jesus Christ,

Through His death on the cross, He gives to men eternal life.

(Copyright ©02/2007)

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