Build Upon The Rock

Don’t build a life around anyone, but build your life upon God’s Son,

Build your life upon The Rock, God’s Cornerstone of Eternal Stock.

Through this life you will endure, on His foundation sound and sure,

By building a family in this life, in The Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

God the Father above sent His Son, to this earth below for everyone,

So men could move from shifting sand, to build upon The Son of Man.

Christ was sent to be a Cornerstone, of every family and every home,

In Christ God offers all salvation, God’s one and only true foundation.

Christ will become the stable part, of both your home and your heart,

He is the one part, you will find, that always gives you peace of mind.

As things in life must rearrange, you will find Christ does not change,

Unchanging Truths guide your life, when you’re on the Rock of Christ.

Christ will help you stand up tall, when others around you seem to fall,

As they stumble through life’s sand, Christ holds you up with His Hand.

He’s the one to build a future on, when all others have come and gone,

And a future that extends well beyond, this present earth that we’re on.

When we choose to build our life, on the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

He not only cares for what we see, but Christ extends our life eternally.

He prepares for us an eternal home; a place that we can call our own,

Where we will live forevermore, with the Eternal Rock, Christ our Lord.

(Copyright ©02/2007)

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