Departed Souls


Men and women close to us, die each day and return to dust.

And for some who pass away, many can only hope and pray,

That they too, knew The Way, before they had died that day,

If Christ was not upon their heart, on that day they did depart.

The return to dust we all face, is a way to life by God’s Grace,

Through belief in His own Son, who died a death for everyone.

While they had lived in this life, they could see truths of Christ,

In the lives of many of those, who believed in Christ, who rose.

A choice must be made by all, to avoid death, from Adam’s fall,

To accept the love of Calvary, and He who died for you and me.

We need to share with everyone, Eternal Truths of God’s Son,

Men and women, girls and boys, so they can make the choice.

For there’s no time after men die, to lift up prayers into the sky,

To alter choices men had made, before bodies have been laid,

God has given man ample time, to change a heart and a mind,

It’s when men don’t believe, the Spirit of Truth that they receive.

Friend it is God’s ultimate desire, that no man perish in the fire,

But instead receive Eternal Life, through His Son Jesus Christ.

We must let loved ones know, they make a choice where to go,

When they leave this earthly state, eternity is not chance or fate.

Men need to make a determination, in regards to their salvation,

To trust in God’s saving Grace, before they ever leave this place.

No family will have to grieve, knowing in Christ they did believe,

So those left can rest assured, they died knowing Christ as Lord.

(Copyright ©01/2007)

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