Bridge Of Life

There is indeed a bridge ahead, a bridge over the darkest night,

A bridge for the spiritually dead, which crosses into eternal light.

The spiritually dead, lost in sin, can cross on this bridge into life.

Jesus is this Bridge, trust in Him, and meet God in Jesus Christ.

There’s separation truly wide, amid man below and God above,

From The Lord you cannot hide, so why not accept God’s love?

God had sent His Son for us all, His only begotten for all to see,

To redeem all men from the fall, and grant all man life eternally.

My friend through just one man, sin brought on all eternal death,

But God sent the Spotless Lamb, who gives to all eternal breath,

As The Lord breathes New Life, into the very hearts of all those,

Who truly believe that Jesus Christ, died for them and truly rose.

He is God’s Gift to all of us, sinners, the ones to whom He gives,

When in Jesus Christ we only trust, in our heart He forever lives.

We’re taken from sin’s darkness, placed into God’s Eternal Light,

Indwelt with Christ’s Righteousness, to escape the eternal night.

Friend, both you and I can receive, God’s Gift of a Life Eternally,

When in Christ we truly believe, Christ’s Holy Spirit sets us free,

I crossed The Bridge of The Lamb, from a life of sin and shame,

Now in The Spirit, I’m born again, in the power of Christ’s Name.

(Copyright ©01/2007)

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