The Light Who Came


We need to bring the Gospel Light, to the common man’s plain sight,

The Light of our Lord’s Revelation, to each and every Gentile nation.

Indeed let our hearts in God rejoice, as The Lord’s sovereign choice,

To share with all men God’s Salvation, in Christ’s joy and His elation.

Through the Christ Child we rejoice, and say to all men in one voice,

That child, who was born in a stall, is this day Lord and Savior of all.

It is to all men we lift The Name, who brought Salvation as He came,

Jesus who came for both you and me, to give to all men life eternally.

No longer a child but now a King, it’s Christ’s Praises we love to sing,

Now as Savior, He reigns on high, God’s Only Son, who came to die.

Our Lord, who died an ugly death, now gives believers eternal breath,

To lift our voices and praise our Lord, while on earth and forevermore.

The Lord who came for the lost, was lead by God to Calvary’s cross,

Where His Only Son paid the price, to become for all men a sacrifice.

There His Son had died in our stead, giving life to the spiritually dead,

Though dead in sin, we obtain life, through the death of Jesus Christ.

The Lord Jesus who did His part, now lives within the believer’s heart,

Assisting believers to pierce the night, with His Glorious Eternal Light.

So that more can reign with Him, Christ, the one who died for their sin,

Through New Life in God’s Son, the little child who came for everyone.

(Copyright ©01/2007)

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