A New Command

With the Disciples in the Upper Room, Christ said He’d be leaving soon,

He said that He would be Glorified, when reinstated to His Father’s Side.

Fulfilling the purpose why He came, the Disciples wouldn’t be the same.

Where He’s going they couldn’t come, as they’d stay to serve God’s Son.

Christ left them with a new command, to emulate in love the Son of Man,

To reach out to every new brother, and just like Him, to love one another.

With not their own, but Agape Love, the kind we receive from God above.

For a greater love, there is no other, than one who would die for another.

The commandment given to all of us, is accomplished by faith and trust,

Loving each other is attainable through, Christ who died for me and you.

His life for all men Christ would give, would be an example of how to live.

Our faith is made clear to all others, when they see we love one another.

God speaks to disciples on the level, that one without love is of the devil,

For one who loves, lives in the light, and he who does not, is of the night.

Unlike Cain, who killed his brother, we always need to love one another,

We must love in Truth and in deed, always helping men who are in need.

To truly love will cost a real price, as love for The Lord requires sacrifice,

The Lord commands men to believe, in Christ Jesus and then to receive,

All of the brethren with a true love, pleasing The Father in Heaven above.

Loving the brethren, please understand, is the heart of a New Command.

(Copyright ©10/2006)

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