Vastness of God’s Love

God's Sovereignty

The reach of Scripture is so vast, making changes in men which last,

Changing both attitudes and hearts, by The Spirit which God imparts.

Imparting to all the Spirit of Truth, in the message we call Good News.

A message He continues to herald, in all hearts throughout this world.

There is a vastness to God’s plan, that ultimately includes every man,

This plan will continue from His Word, until all upon earth have heard.

For every person upon this earth, shall hear God’s news of New Birth,

As in the end angels will proclaim, His only salvation in Christ’s name.

Individual impact is also quite vast, when God’s Truth in a heart is cast,

As Christ gives sinners a new worth, through God’s power of New Birth.

Worth that goes beyond this place, through the vastness of His Grace,

A Grace which gives you and me, a home above through all of Eternity.

The vastness of His Grace and Power, fills every minute, day and hour,

As The Spirit moves upon every land, helping all people to understand,

That His Son, who came to die for us, is the one in who to put our trust,

This so that we can live forevermore, through the message of our Lord.

This is the vastness of that Love, of God who reigns in Heaven above,

He who left the Glory of His Throne, to redeem a peoples for His own,

Even those who were deceived, have come to God and have received,

His forgiveness and Eternal Life, through God’s only Son Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©04/2007)

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