The Sign of Jonah

In the tomb for three days, but, He’d rise to the Father’s praise,

For three days and three nights, in that dark tomb, out of sight,

The Son of God, sent to save, now lay dead down in the grave,

For indeed, Christ was dead, the hope of many turned to dread.

It was Jonah Christ pointed to, regarding all that God would do,

In the belly of a fish for a time, three days and nights for a sign,

After taken off that wicked tree, in the earth’s belly He would be,

Christ’s body in a tomb would lay, but, as He said, it didn’t stay.

Disciples scattered by the cross, now discouraged and felt lost,

It was truly a dark time for those, before The Lord had truly rose,

From the cross to that tomb, His followers now filled with doom,

What occurred caused much grief, filling all hearts with disbelief.

Their disbelief would take a turn, as all failing hearts would learn,

That Christ did just what He said, and Jesus was no longer dead,

Alive and here just like before, was Jesus Christ, The Risen Lord,

Back again, their Lord and friend, for that grave was not His end.

Just as the fish spit Jonah out; The Lord would have a turnabout,

Now risen by His own decree, was Christ, the Savior of humanity,

Now restored to God’s right hand, Lord and Savior of every land,

God’s Proven Hope to all nations, of His One and Only Salvation.

(Copyright ©04/2009)

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