Many Beliefs, But One Way

Many beliefs have been touted to be, alternate pathways to Eternity,

For since He is a God of Love, there’s many ways to Heaven above.

Saying a loving God wouldn’t send, anyone into Hell my dear friend.

Saying every man from every place, will in Heaven see God’s Face.

Friend, some dear folk even say, living a good life is one sure way,

Why others believe their religiosity, will pave their way into eternity.

One thing all these people know, is Heaven’s where they want to go,

But knowing where they want to be, won’t assure Heaven in eternity.

Many profess to believe in God, while saying it with a confident nod.

One Truth they do not embrace, is the Saving Work of God’s Grace.

Where do you find God’s Saving Grace, it is found in just one place,

And that one place is the Cross, where the Lamb died for all the lost.

Some grow up having understood, to get to Heaven we must be good.

What about the thief next to Christ, that same day he was in Paradise,

Not because he lived a good life; it was because he believed in Christ.

His evil life put him on that tree; his belief in Christ gained him eternity.

It is God’s Truth men must believe, and God’s Son they must receive.

Men may not know God’s only Son, the Lamb who died for everyone.

Christ died that day for you and me, so all men need to do is believe.

The moment you accept Him friend, Heaven not Hell will be your end.

A good life won’t give one certainty, like The Lord gives to you and me.

Good works point to men not Christ, for securing for them Eternal Life.

Christ not I, bore all of God’s wrath, to pave for me God’s Eternal path.

It’s not a good life that sets us free, but belief in the One from Calvary.

(Copyright ©09/2006)

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