Foundational Truth

The Word of God

The foundation for Grace was laid, when by Christ the price was paid,

Paid with His Blood on a cross, where Christ had died for sinners lost.

With the precious blood of Jesus Christ, He bought for all Eternal Life,

As life is in the blood my friend, and in Jesus Christ that life won’t end.

He is the Church’s one foundation, the Lord and God of our Salvation,

And He is the Chief Cornerstone, as salvation is found in Christ alone.

Christ, who died for all men on earth, offers to every man a New Birth,

The moment you believe is when, in Jesus Christ, you are born-again.

This is the foundation of New Life, life that’s found only in Jesus Christ,

Christ can give you a new start, transforming both your mind and heart.

Jesus will turn you from your sin, when you begin a daily walk with Him,

The Lord will make your life brand new, as He walks and talks with you.

Foundational Truth God does impart, with The Spirit to an open heart,

Where in your heart He will reside, helping believers to in Christ abide.

The Spirit guides us from all sin, as we begin to yield and grow within,

As God’s Spirit helps us to discern, the Truths that we read and learn.

The Word of God is foundational, to change your life and do God’s will.

Sharper than a two-edged sword, is the Living Word of Christ our Lord,

This for the renewing of our mind, as God purifies us leaving sin behind,

So we can live in newness of life, honoring The One who paid the price.

(Copyright ©09/2006)

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