Future Glory

Spiritual Change

Through God’s Glory we shall shine, up in the Heavens for all of time.

Saved by Christ’s matchless Love, to shine forever in Heaven above.

Though the wicked don’t understand, we give Glory to the Son of Man.

Although He lives, He died for us, bringing Glory to our frames of dust.

Some wake to everlasting contempt; refusing the Son, God had sent.

While all men who believe in Christ, will rise above to Everlasting Life.

Although by men He was despised, Christ will capture all men’s eyes.

When in His Glory, God will come, through the Glory of Christ His Son.

When He returns to earth we’ll see, Christ in all His Glory and Majesty.

We shall shine in the Glory of, the One who died, to show God’s Love.

Men, who lead men to righteousness, will by God be eternally blessed.

For they will be purified and refined, to shine as the stars for all of time.

The Lord is watching from His Throne, noting the lives of His very own.

In His presence was written a scroll, what He remembers of every soul.

Noting men whose hearts implored, His mercy as they sought The Lord.

For in their heart was a reverent fear, knowing judgment was soon near.

They feared God honoring His Name, living above reproach and shame.

Knowing this, God said ‘they are mine”, to be His treasure for all of time.

God will distinguish the wicked from, the righteous belonging to His Son.

To shine like the Heavens forevermore, with God’s Son, Christ our Lord.

(Copyright ©08/2006)

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