A God of Many Faiths

There is a God some proclaim, worshiped by all with a different name,

He is they say, the one true God, of all men who tread this earthly sod,

And as long as you believe in a God, He’s the one to receive your nod.

It matters not what you may believe, this is a God who you can receive.

This is a God, they say they know, but have no idea where they will go,

When they pass from this earth, where they were born by natural birth.

Building a hope upon men’s rules, creates a multitude of spiritual fools.

An empty hope is all they embrace, for they seek men, not God’s face.

Different men with differing minds, creating religions of different kinds.

God above is One who truly unifies, but man’s religion simply divides,

Reaching for God in many ways, it fills its followers with empty praise.

But God, who reaches down to us, wants only pure faith and our trust.

Abraham personally dealt with God, during the time of his nephew Lot,

Abraham was one who truly believed, but Lot was somewhat deceived.

To Abraham, God came down to him, but Lot was drawn to worldly sin.

God sets men like Abraham apart, but men like Lot have divided hearts.

Religion and violence drive the world, while ignoring Truth men herald,

Truth that gives real peace to men, in the world that stands condemned.

Religion is just man’s own creation, and is void of God’s True Salvation,

Many ways of religious diversion, aren’t of God, but spiritual perversion,

Even many who profess God’s name, live darkened lives full of shame.

God above does not change His plan, to cater to earth’s religious man,

Instead God sent His Only Son, to be The Lord and Savior of everyone,

He is the only one who gave his life, to free all men from religious strife.

The Eternal God has endless ways, to fill our hearts with eternal praise,

Without relying on religious delusion, for an everlasting Eternal solution.

God showed His way through Israel, while choosing only one individual,

Christ, to lead every man and nation, from a religion to God’s Salvation.

A choice that is not forced on men, who with their heart follow Abraham.

And righteousness will be their mark, as they turn to light from the dark.

(Copyright ©09/2006)

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