Christ came not only to enlighten, but to lift high God’s Word of Truth,

And many who He would frighten, responded back with sharp reproof.

But their sharp words could not ever, hinder The Lord’s Eternal Truth,

As The Word of God will last forever, with Christ’s reign as living proof.

Today men may scoff and mock Him, because of Truth they’ve heard,

And this because their heart of sin, which is convicted by God’s Word.

Speaking on what they do not know, and this with anger in their heart,

About The Lord who loves them so, and of whom they’ll have no part,

Many men just don’t understand, The Word of Truth when they hear it,

For all throughout this darkened land, they are men without The Spirit.

For their minds have been blinded by, the leader of all those perishing,

Filling unbelieving hearts with the lie, to despise who we’re cherishing.

It’s God’s Truth that these men refuse, as they continue on in their life,

Continuing with words of abuse, which they cast at followers in Christ.

But, we must continue on as His Light, within this ever darkening land,

Speaking always what is only right, even when men don’t understand.

True enlightenment will lead to life, a New Life with The Lord eternally,

And it’s found alone in Jesus Christ, The One who died for you and me.

Any enlightenment apart from God, will never lead one to Eternal Truth.

But only to Jesus Christ’s Iron Rod, and a much stronger divine reproof.

(Copyright ©07/2006)

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