Spending Time With God

You have some time alone my friend, a time alone you can spend,

A time of quiet contemplation, alone with the God of your salvation.

Time between just the two of you, to speak of things you need to do,

Things in life that must be done, where you need to lean on the Son.

You are never alone anyway, as God is with you throughout the day,

Christ is there if you need to talk, and goes with you when you walk.

You can talk with God anytime, to share what may be on your mind,

Even talk to Him about tomorrow, sharing both your joy and sorrow.

When you come to plan your day, God will guide you along the way,

Even before you begin your task, He knows what your heart will ask.

Use the time to remember too, the things that God has done for you,

When you knew not what to do, God would always see you through.

For nobody truly cares for you, in the way which God and Jesus do.

Jesus Christ shall intercede for us, when in Him we place our trust,

With God the Father Jesus will sit, as Christ becomes our advocate.

As believers call upon the Father, for God and Christ it is no bother.

God calls us to the Throne of Grace, so that we can seek His face,

All are welcomed to the Throne, who know Christ as their very own.

So when you get some time alone, seek The Lord upon His Throne,

And you will find the time you spend, with God alone will never end.

(Copyright ©08/2006)

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