Keys To The Kingdom


The keys to Heaven’s Kingdom, open up eternal things to come,

They’re keys that you do receive, when in Christ you do believe.

A Truth revealed to us from, The God of Heaven about His Son,

That His Son is indeed The Christ, and in The Son we have life.

Christ dear friend is The Key, to open hearts and minds to see,

This Truth will help you to see, that God’s Kingdom is in Eternity,

Eternal truth of God from above, the Truth of God’s Eternal Love.

Keys that open up Truth of God, on this earth we presently trod.

To reach men of every nation, with the keys to God’s Salvation.

With the Keys we will enter in, His Eternal Kingdom with no sin.

He will build His Church with us, as in Christ men place their trust,

Living stones upon one foundation, Christ our Rock and Salvation.

All Authority is given to the Son, to build the Church and Kingdom.

His Authority gives men power, to live for Him each day and hour.

To share this access with others, bringing to Christ many brothers.

Access we receive from Christ, is used by God through every life,

With access comes responsibility, helping other men come to see,

It’s His Name we must confess, the name of Christ to gain access.

Whatever you bind on this earth, will become for you eternal worth,

And whatever you do not bind, upon this earth, shall be left behind.

You must deny your earthly plan, when you follow The Son of Man,

Dying to our worldly needs, to share with men The Kingdom’s Keys,

Becoming for Him a living sacrifice, to gain New Life in Jesus Christ.

Leading men from the dark of night, into the Kingdom’s Eternal Light,

This by passing on the only Keys, to His Kingdom that will not cease.

(Copyright ©07/2006)

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