After I Knew

Spiritual Change

When I knew, I came to Him, led by God, not by my whim,

Led by The Spirit of God, and now by His Staff and Rod;

It is God’s Spirit, guiding me, on my path towards eternity,

Entering into my frame of dust, when in Him I put my trust.

I lived my life as I always had, believing I was far from bad,

Living on life’s straight path, never mindful of God’s Wrath,

And that I was basically good, as this is what I understood,

Until I met God’s Living Word, hearing Truth I’d never heard.

God had opened up my eyes, not a world, said to be wise,

Following the beliefs of men, I knew not, I was condemned,

And from God I was separated, not because me, He hated,

It was sin, passed on to me, from Adam’s fall, to humanity.

But, God didn’t leave us there, sending man, love and care,

To save this corrupted earth, providing man a spiritual birth;

God’s Sacrifice paid the cost, in redeeming all who are lost,

So although we’re sinful men, in His Son we are Born Again.

Seeing this, I then would know, to Christ’s Cross, I must go,

To accept what God did for me, to have New Life, Eternally,

This, religion taught me not, as pious words, leave out a lot,

Omitting much needed Truth, leading souls to face Reproof.

(Copyright ©04/2010)

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