Christ Came

Christ came to earth to walk with us, to help us walk with God in trust,

And to trust God with our very life, through His Only Son Jesus Christ.

This trust in which we place in God, goes far beyond this earthly sod,

Trust on earth that moves to Grace, and leads us to an eternal place.

Christ came and gave His life for sin, so we could give our life to Him,

So that we could walk upon the earth, through the power of New Birth.

Christ told Nicodemus that all men, to see Heaven must be born again,

Born anew through the Spirit of Christ; born again to inherit Eternal Life.

Christ came to this earth to proclaim, Hope and Salvation in His Name,

God’s Salvation available to everyone, through His Only Begotten Son.

Christ’s earthly life ended on the cross, a bridge of Hope for all the lost,

For through His death and resurrection, He gives all life a new direction.

Christ came so we can be God’s own, and gain from Him a new home,

An eternal one in Heaven above, where we’ll live forever in God’s Love.

By Christ coming to be a sacrifice, The Lord paid our way into Paradise,

Far beyond earth’s temporal shore, to dwell in God’s Glory forevermore.

Christ came to bring Hope and Peace, that in His Power will not cease,

When He reigns on earth as King, and The Lord and God of everything.

Christ’s Reign shall include all those, who believe that Christ truly rose,

So believe and reign forevermore, when Christ reigns as King and Lord.

(Copyright ©12/2006)

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