If You Seek God


If you seek God with all your heart, He will guide you from the start,

If you will only follow God’s lead, you shall find Him, it’s guaranteed.

He will lead you with His Spirit, so heed His Word when you hear it.

You will hear God from the start, if you seek Him with all your heart.

God wants you to find Him friend, and lead you on to a glorious end.

God desires to reason with you, and in a way which you never knew.

Though your sin is darkened red, and you indeed are spiritually dead,

The Lord will give to you new life, through the Power of Jesus Christ.

If you open up your heart to Him, He then forgives you of all your sin,

And once you let Him in your heart, God my friend shall never depart.

God will then walk with you every day, showing you life’s narrow way,

He begins cleansing you of daily sin, as you trust and grow with Him.

Friend not only can God be found, He will place you on stable ground,

You’ll be excluded from His wrath, as He sets you on a righteous path.

Though all of sin He does despise, through God’s power you will rise,

High above all your sin’s disgrace, as God guides you with His Grace.

When all on earth is said and done, you’ll live forever with God’s Son,

Who died for all upon Mount Calvary, so all men could live for eternity.

Just seek and you will find The Lord, not just for now, but forevermore,

And you shall find a home in Paradise, and all because of Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©06/2006)

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