An Eternal Choice

We come into life with no choice, simply born as girls and boys.

We are born of a man and wife, through whom we enter into life,

They become Mom and Dad, teaching us what’s good and bad.

Making the early choices for us, as the people that we can trust,

To guide us in our early life, steering us from the pain and strife.

They make all the decisions too, of what we can and cannot do,

As they help us all to grow, learning the things we need to know.

Preparing children for a time, when choices are yours and mine.

They know there’s coming a day, when we’ll go a separate way,

When children leave their home, to make choices on their own.

As you live out your early days, you follow in your parent’s ways,

The choices early on in life, may not have included Jesus Christ.

When we leave that chosen path, we may invite a parent’s wrath,

In spite of your parent’s reproof, you must choose Words of Truth.

For when God’s Truth is ignored, we need to then seek The Lord.

Although from the very start, parents indeed have a critical part,

Many following their own heart, from their early ways will depart.

There is no bigger choice friend, than that of a man’s eternal end.

A choice that’s a personal one, when believing in God’s Only Son,

For the only way to eternal life, is choosing the gift of Jesus Christ.

The parents of girls and boys, can’t make a child’s eternal choice,

Even if they known the Only Way, it is a decision you must make.

No one can make for you or me, the one choice regarding eternity.

That choice in which you believe, must be made before you leave,

And only with this eternal choice, when you leave, will you rejoice.

(Copyright ©06/2006)

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