Bends In The Road

As we journey down here to and fro, we never know where pathways go,

We can never see around the bend, to where that present path may end.

We can plan straight all our courses, as we rely upon our own resources,

In spite of all the time you spend, we never know what’s around the bend.

With many a roads having a bend, we need a source on which to depend.

You can use the source of a friend, but no man knows every road’s bend.

There is one who knows every course, who truly is a much higher source,

And that One is The Lord Jesus Christ, The Shepherd of pathways in life.

Friend all roads have bends in this life, sometimes causing pain and strife.

Christ can help you down any road; He’s always ready to lighten our load.

The Lord will lead you down any path, guiding you with His Rod and Staff.

Christ will always see you through, always knowing where you’re going to.

A bend could simply be in God’s plan, this to lead you to The Son of Man,

As God could use a sticky bend, to help you consider where you may end,

Bends in the road can help you see, that you need to think about eternity.

Before the end of this earthly course, men need to seek an eternal source.

There’s a final bend for you and me, and this bend shall begin an eternity.

Did you ever take the time my friend, and ponder where your life will end?

There is one who knows every bend, and where in eternity you will spend,

So take some time to seek Jesus Christ, and let that bend be Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©05/2006)

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