Remember those who went before; as believers in Christ our Lord.

Remember men who gave their life, for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Those early soldiers of the cross, giving their lives to reach the lost.

In Christ’s power men would embark, upon a battle against the dark.

Remember the cloud of witnesses; God’s inspiration to men like us.

Those who in faith went on before, to serve our Eternal Living Lord.

They left their land and all they knew, as a witness for me and you.

On a new journey they would trod, looking for that city built by God.

Remember also the Cross of Christ; and how He died to give us life.

His Glorious Throne He set aside, then hung upon a cross and died.

He set His heart and mind to fulfill, not His own but His Father’s will.

He went to a tree from His Throne, to secure for us an eternal home.

Remember all the disciples’ start, and how God changed their heart,

At times faithless and unsure, but ended bold witnesses of The Lord.

All but one of them lost their life, for the bold witness of Jesus Christ.

God used their witness as the birth, of what today is Christ’s Church.

As we remember those of the past, let us make a mark that will last,

Let us too glorify Christ our Lord, as the others who went on before.

Then others will remember when, we too were saved as sinful men,

To continue on in this New Life, while leading others to Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©05/2006)

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