Changing Hearts

Spiritual Change

Hard hearts of the human race, desperately in need of God’s Grace,

Not compelled by God’s Truth at all, from being tainted by man’s fall.

The natural mind cannot conceive, Truths from God that we believe,

They don’t look beyond the earth, never experiencing a spiritual birth.

It’s Christ’s Spirit who opens eyes, of those men believed to be wise,

Spiritually blinded by God’s enemy, who preys on hearts relentlessly.

Causing those who are spiritually blind, to close both heart and mind,

To the Eternal things of God above, causing them to refuse His Love.

The Spirit sheds light upon the dark, opening up their mind and heart,

God frees men from earthly creeds, directing hearts to eternal needs.

Through the Spirit of Jesus Christ, some begin reflecting on their life,

Where they will be when life is done, if they finish without God’s Son.

The Christ who came to earth to die, to give life meaning to you and I,

And give a Hope to all who believe; lead by The Spirit they do receive.

Christ leaves it up to men to herald, The Eternal Truth to all the world,

With The Holy Spirit far in the lead, helping many to hear and to heed.

The Holy Spirit truly changes men, in ways that we can’t comprehend,

Even the most darkened of hearts, is moved by Truth that He imparts.

They believe and become born again, to live their lives as Godly men,

Being born anew, from God above, they spiritually grow in God’s Love.

(Copyright ©12/2006)

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