Halfhearted Pledges

Friend any pledge from your heart, must be true from the very start.

And then you must follow through, for what you pledge you must do.

For anyone can agree my friend, but what is your effort to that end?

And any pledge made halfhearted, may be one that’s never started.

Are your pledges truly sincere, or simply words one wants to hear?

Thus leaving others to wonder when, you may color the truth again.

Thinking may be harmless friend, but it doesn’t change a sticky end.

And there’s no excuse to justify, why you colored the truth with a lie.

Men may have much contemplation, on what they see as reputation.

This is what men may think of you, when they see the things you do.

But one’s character is the real issue, as it is what God knows of you.

Character is much deeper by far, as God knows exactly who you are.

First you must have a good rapport , not with men but with The Lord.

And then as you daily look to Him, He will guard your heart from sin.

For in the pledge He made with you, The Lord shall never be untrue.

The Lord can make all things new, and today He could start with you.

Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus Christ, and He’ll help you in your life.

And when you make a pledge to men, you will keep them as a friend.

Always dealing with solid truth, you’ll need not to fear men’s reproof.

Just build your life upon The Lord, and your pledge won’t go ignored.

(Copyright ©05/2006)

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