No Need For The Lord

Men who think they have it all, are still affected by Adam’s fall,

Those men you see everywhere, living their life without a care.

They see no need for The Lord, who in their life goes ignored.

Unlike men, like you and me, they have no thought on eternity.

They say all that is ahead for us, is death and a return to dust.

They all believe this life will end, but that afterlife is all pretend.

If dust is the last place we go, why does Truth annoy them so?

If there is no afterlife at all, why do unbelievers hem and haw?

They say all have the same fate, as all bodies just disintegrate,

Hopelessly dealing with daily strife, only having this present life.

Saying all things start and end; but not so with Christ my friend,

Jesus Christ is eternal friend; like Him man’s being has no end.

Death may be an earthy fate, but all men have an eternal state,

For some it’s death some it’s life; it all depends on Jesus Christ.

If you believe He rose again, you my friend, can be born-again,

Born into God’s eternal family, to live with Jesus Christ eternally.

If you do not believe this is true, eternal darkness will greet you,

When you step into eternal death, upon your last earthly breath.

I simply do not understand why, some unbelievers balk and cry,

Ignoring all of the written history, about the only King of Eternity.

Nobody forces them to believe, as they choose to be deceived.

I simply will remain in The Truth, as they continue their reproof.

Is it all simply Satan’s spite, as he is wrong and Christ is right?

Friend one day they all will see, when they’re cast into eternity.

(Copyright ©05/2006)

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