My Lord Is With Me

Father you’re with me night and day, this as you guide me all the way.

You carefully guide your very own, as you lead us to our eternal home.

You are with me in the dark of night, piercing darkness with your Light.

Through the day you light my path, guarding me from man’s evil wrath.

Lord you hear me as I nod in prayer, and that’s anytime and anywhere.

And all my prayer, I know you hear, as I lift to you every care and fear.

All my concerns I can hand to you, as your Grace will see me through.

My life is a testimony that you care, this as I point to answered prayer.

Father, burdens far too big for me, you take away, as you set me free,

Freed from concern to live my life, this as a testimony for Jesus Christ.

Who is with me as the waters rise, the One on whom I will fix my eyes.

And though the waters do not cease, Christ my Savior gives me peace.

And when the flood does not subside, within Christ’s shadow I can hide.

Then as I stand upon Christ my Rock, I am securer than a ship at dock,

As I remember that tide at Calvary, where His blood had flowed for me.

So I trust in the One who had died, this to cleanse me in a crimson tide.

Today the One who died on a tree, lives in my heart and goes with me,

He walks each and every day with me, helping me to live life in victory.

Whether through the flood or the fire, Christ helps me to live life higher,

Father, through it all I can truly say, Jesus Christ is with me all the way.

(Copyright ©05/2006)

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