Churched People

Many unconverted religious people, gather together under a steeple,

They gather in the church below, but how much of it is just for show?

Each week religiously on one day, they meet together kneel and pray.

How much does it change their ways, as they live the other six days?

Weekly as they are churched, how often are the Scriptures searched?

Does the church change their heart, as service ends and they depart?

Getting back to the daily grind, does it influence their heart and mind?

There are followers of Christianity, and there are those in Churchianity.

Is their belief just a weekly thing, as hypocritical people gather to sing?

For most do not live what they sing, after leaving their church building.

Do these men practice Churchianity, when all week they use profanity?

It makes unbelievers question why, they should even give church a try.

If it’s God’s Church, you will know, as spiritual changes begin to show.

For as Christ starts a change within, He begins to purge your daily sin.

Sad to say that many are deceived, even when they think they believe,

For their belief is in an institution; one that doesn’t have a real solution.

The only real solution is Jesus Christ, for anyone to truly have new life,

For if one believes only in their head, they shall remain spiritually dead.

Jesus Christ spoke much about this; with the man know as Nicodemus,

Jesus said you must be Born Again, if you’re to see the Kingdom friend.

Today a church has no eternal worth, if it does not preach on New Birth.

When you know Christ in your heart, your old life shall have a new start.

You must become like little children, or my friend you will die in your sin.

So today be converted in Jesus Christ, and He will give to you New Life.

(Copyright ©05/2006)

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