Behold The Lamb

We are told to behold The Lamb, sent to the earth by the great I Am,

To behold the very Lamb of God, who will soon rule with an iron rod.

He was the Lamb not many knew, was sent to earth for me and you,

The One who left a Glorious Throne, only to be rejected by His own.

The Lamb who took away our sin, although none was found in Him.

Indeed the only blameless sacrifice, was the God Man Jesus Christ.

Behold God’s amazing sacrifice, given so we may have Eternal Life,

The Lord above paid the price, by giving His Only Son Jesus Christ.

Behold The Lord’s amazing Grace, sending His Son to take our place,

That upon a wicked bloody cross, as He purged us of our sinful dross.

Soon every eye will indeed behold, events that many scribes foretold,

When Christ that sacrificial Lamb, returns to earth as The Great I Am.

This time around every eye shall see, The Lord and God of all Eternity.

Every heart and knee will bend, when He comes back in victory friend.

Christ’s Kingship will not be denied, even by men who pierced His side.

They’ll behold The Prince of Peace, beginning a reign that won’t cease.

Soon we shall behold His Majesty, as believers, we enter into Eternity.

The Lamb, who died upon that tree, will reign forever with you and me.

For those wouldn’t take notice of, The Lamb that God sent from above,

Will never hear of or see again, The Lamb of God who died for all men.

(Copyright ©04/2006)

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