Sharing Truth


You can share Truth with men, in many ways throughout the day.

For men may not listen friend, to words of Truth you have to say.

There are those times just when, a Gospel tract could be the way.

As for God’s Truth we must contend, this my friend without delay.

We can share The Truth of Christ, as we live each day and hour,

Living how God changed our life, through The Holy Spirit’s power.

Change that helps us pay the price, even though inside we cower.

Christ’s selfless loving sacrifice, is that Truth men need to shower.

We need to shower Truth indeed, like rains falling upon the earth,

Going forth spreading His seed; sowing Truth with heavenly mirth.

Sharing Truth they do not heed, as they see not Salvation’s worth.

That as sinners, we’re in need, and must experience a New Birth.

We need to point to the Love, of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

Who came to earth from above, to become, for all men, a sacrifice.

God sent The Spirit as a dove, knowing Jesus would pay the price.

And by the Sprit we share His Love, to point all men to Eternal Life.

So we share God’s Truth with men, never knowing just what to say,

But thru the Blood of Jesus Christ, The Gospel has a saving power.

And some men will see their need, to come to Christ by New Birth,

Thus they will help share the Love, of the only Savior Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©04/2006)

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