Prayer For The Land


In this nation we can not afford, not to lift prayers to The Lord,

When all men lift up holy hands, to The Creator of all the lands.

To lift up prayers and supplication, to The God of our salvation.

As together men seek God’s face, to fill our land with His Grace.

Not only is He Sovereign Creator; as for many He is our Savior,

Who saved us out of the night, and filled us with His Holy Light.

And in Him we can put our trust, for His Spirit will empower us,

Helping to change wrong to right, as we share His saving Light.

But the change needs to start, not in the land, but in the heart,

In the heart of the humble man, who prays to God for our land.

Then with others lift to the Lord, humble prayers shore to shore.

Prayers that reach God’s Throne, about a land many call home.

This nation seen by many to be, a haven of freedom and liberty,

Is now being attacked from within, from a plague of evil and sin.

It’s changed so much from when; it was founded by Godly men.

Now many men face a daily plight, from all the evils of the night,

When the days become like night, filling men’s hearts with fright.

All the wicked evils of the night, have forced many into this plight,

Devastated by man’s dark iniquity; who oppose a God of eternity.

Only The Lord can shed His Light, upon their darkened evil blight,

In these increasing darker days, so these men change their ways.

For Only God can change within, hardened hearts racked by sin.

We need to lift our hands up high, to The One who rules the sky,

To pray that God returns sanity, back to our land from sea to sea.

God could again bless our land, if we only choose to understand,

We must repent and turn to Him, as we turn away from all our sin,

This land we’ve come to know, can and will not continue to grow,

If a moral climate is not restored, through the Mercy of The Lord.

We must return to God’s decrees, or our nation will cease to be,

And like The Roman Empire friend, we too will have a sorry end.

(Copyright ©05/2006)

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