The Love of The Cross

God's Sovereignty

Love my friend, is best described, by The One who came and died.

Sent down by The Father’s Love, from His Heavenly Throne above.

Christ left His Throne in Eternity, and came to earth for you and me.

Friend, He came with His life to give, so that all men could truly live.

Because The Father loved us so, God sent His Son for all to know,

Whosoever would believe in Him, Christ would wash away their sin,

To be remembered by God no more, if you accept His Son as Lord.

For His love sent Jesus Christ, to the cross as our atoning sacrifice.

God’s Love was sent for all men, who in trespass stood condemned.

While we were still sinners friend, Jesus who had no sin died for men.

What better love could there be, than One who died for you and me?

And through the Love of Jesus Christ, He grants all men Eternal Life.

And in His Love God did not leave, all those men who would believe.

From them, Christ did not depart, as He sent His Spirit into our heart.

The very moment that we believed, The Holy Spirit we then received.

The Holy Spirit sent to us by Christ, is a guide and comfort in our life.

The Love God displayed on the cross, was for a world of sinners lost.

God’s Love is available to anyone, who by faith shall accept His Son.

The Love of Christ will never end, and all you do is believe my friend.

Then His Love will fill you and me, from the cross through all Eternity.

(Copyright ©04/2006)

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