Born A Child, Yet A King

Christ came to earth for us all, as a tiny baby, humble and small,

The very God of all of Eternity, came to the earth for you and me.

He came by God’s chosen one, a virgin to deliver His Only Son,

By The Spirit she would conceive, The Savior men would receive.

Jesus was born a child yet a King; God and Creator of everything,

Christ was born in humble Bethlehem, to be the Savior of all men.

Named Immanuel or God with us; One in whom we place our trust.

Named Jesus by The Father’s will, for He’ll save His people Israel.

He came to save men from their sin, if they would only trust in Him.

To save God’s chosen nation, by Christ’s redemption and salvation,

He also came as a light to those, nations thought to be Israel’s foes,

A Light to every Gentile nation, to share in God’s Glorious Salvation.

Christ was born of a virgin birth, to give new life to men on the earth,

This New Life Christ now gives, to all who believe that He now lives.

He came in such a humble state, with a bloody death to be His fate,

Predestined by The Father above, to express to this world His Love.

The planned death of Jesus Christ, was so we can have eternal life,

Christ came to earth to set us free, so that we could live for Eternity,

God born of flesh to be a lamb, God’s single sacrifice for every man,

Born as a baby for you and me, to die as a man upon Calvary’s tree.

Although Christ died, now He lives, and Eternal Life, now God gives,

To all men who believe Christ came, and in faith, confess His Name.

Soon Jesus Christ will come again, and shall be revealed to all men,

However, this time as The Lord of all, not the humble baby in a stall.

You can receive God’s saving Grace, from Christ any time any place,

God’s saving Grace you will receive, when in His Son you do believe.

So you can reign with The Son, when He reigns as Lord of everyone,

And live with Christ forevermore, when you receive Him as your Lord.

(Copyright ©12/2006)

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